Housing and Land Use Survey

We need your opinions on the need for new housing in our area.

What’s this all about?

  1. West Lancashire Borough Council have a “Local Plan”
  2. It includes the need for new housing and development
  3. It defines how those needs should be met and how land should be used
  4. Evidence for the next “Local Plan”  is currently being gathered.

Why is it important?

  1. We feel that you should have a say.
  2. We want to represent your needs and opinions and the get the best deal for our area.
  3. So… we need evidence.

View a map and list of sites submitted for housing.

View the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment.

Read more about the Local Plan Review

Take the survey

Please note we will need your personal details to confirm that you are a resident and you have only completed the survey once.
We will not store your details beyond the survey process.
We will not use them for any other purpose or share them with other.

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You may email any other opinions directly to chair@downhollandpc.org.uk