• Bus Service Changes for July 2024 (6/24/2024)


    Service 310  Skelmersdale – Ormskirk – Liverpool

    From 21 July 2024 Arriva will revise the timetable, with minor adjustments to some school holiday journeys to match school day journey times.


    Preston Bus Summer timetables

    From 22 July 2024, Preston Bus will introduce several timing revisions to their network for the summer holiday season, including some general timing amendments to overall service reliability, on the following services:

    Service 8  Preston – Moor Nook

    Service 19  Preston – Royal Preston Hospital

    Service 31  Preston – Savick – Lea

    Service 152  Preston – Hoghton – Blackburn – Padiham – Burnley

    From 21 July 2024 Transdev’s The Blackburn Bus Company, in partnership with Lancashire County Council utilising funding from HM Government through the Bus Service Improvement Plan, will enhance evening service provision on the route with additional Monday to Thursday journeys.

    The 2200 & 2300 Friday and Saturday journeys between Preston and Blackburn will now operate all week Monday to Saturday.

    The 2028 & 2128 departures from Burnley to Blackburn, that extend through to Preston on Friday and Saturday will also now operate all week Monday to Saturday.

    There will also be several timing revisions across the whole timetable to improve overall service reliability.


    Service 113  Preston – Gregson Lane – Bamber Bridge – Lostock Hall – Leyland  Lft 21

    From 21 July 2024 Lancashire County Council, utilising funding from HM Government through the Bus Service Improvement Plan, will introduce a regular Monday to Saturday evening service throughout the route.

    These new Monday to Saturday evening return journeys from Preston to Leyland will run generally every hour departing Preston at 1835, 1940, 2040, 2140 & 2240, with a shorter journey at 2320 terminating at Lostock Hall, and returning from Leyland at 1924, 2024, 2124 & 2224.

    There will be some minor adjustments to the morning Monday to Friday peak time journeys to improve reliability.

    Vision Bus will continue to operate this service on behalf of Lancashire County Council.



    Service 481  Rawtenstall – Haslingden – Blackburn

    From 21 July 2024 Transdev Rosso in partnership with Lancashire County Council, utilising funding from HM Government through the Bus Service Improvement Plan, will enhance evening service provision on the route with additional journeys

    These new Monday to Saturday evening journeys are as follows:

    2036 & 2206 from Rawtenstall to Blackburn, and 2336 from Rawtenstall to Haslingden

    1947, 2117 & 2247 from Blackburn to Rawtenstall

    There will also be several timing revisions across the whole timetable to improve overall service reliability.

    Service 483  Rawtenstall – Water – Burnley

    From 21 July 2024 Transdev Rosso in partnership with Lancashire County Council, utilising funding from HM Government through the Bus Service Improvement Plan, will enhance evening service provision on the route with additional journeys

    These new Monday to Saturday evening journeys are as follows:

    2308 from Rawtenstall to Burnley

    2120 & 2220 from Burnley to Rawtenstall

    There will also be several timing revisions across the whole timetable to improve overall service reliability.

  • Downholland Newsletter – KIT Autumn Winter 2023 (12/9/2023)

    View the Downholland Newsletter – KIT Autumn Winter 2023

    The Downholland Newsletter

    Autumn / Winter 2023


    Downholland Parish Council

    Rector of Lydiate and Downholland

    Contribution from Stephen Henders

    Lancashire County Councillor, David O’Toole

    West Lancs Armed Forces Champion, Councillor Paul Hennessy

    Haskayne & Downholland Community Association and Haskayne Village Hall

    Haskayne & Downholland Residents Association

    Haskayne Local History Group


    Nitrous Oxide Canisters
    We continue to see a lot of little silver Nitrous Oxide canisters left on the park and car park.  As of November, it has become illegal to possess and heavy nitrous oxide use can result in serious health harms such as neurological damage. Nitrous Oxide deaths average one per week in the UK.

    Community Infrastructure Levy Projects
    The Parish Council receives 15% of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) that is paid to the Borough Council when local developments are undertaken. We have historically spent this money on the park, bus shelters and other infrastructure within the community. The monies received from the Chisnall Brook development went on refurbishing the park, adding a path, equipment, and BMX Track.

    Current ideas for projects include gateway “Welcome to Downholland” signs and the Parish Council has agreed to have a local artist, from a farming background, produce a metalwork sculpture to celebrate our local agricultural heritage. The design depicts a farm worker with a scythe at work and will be constructed in the wildflower area of the park next year.

    If you’ve any thoughts or ideas, you’d be most welcome to come and share them – our meetings are the third Tuesday in the month, 7:30 at the Village Hall.

    Defibrillator Training
    I was pleased to attend a very informative training session at the Village Hall in September, organised by the Residents Association. A good turn out and a very worthwhile evening.

    Jubilee Field
    The park has had another successful year and continues to be well used. The Parish Council are continually improving the facilities and are in the process of replacing old signs and have recently finished work on installing a rope cordon to protect the orchard and spring bulbs. (Thank you to Councillor Steve Thomas for all his hard work)

    Thank you also to Parish Councillors, residents, and members of the Residents Association for all their work on the park, along with James Forshaw, our grounds contractor, and his team, and to our staff Dave Bond and Andrea Little.

    I was proud to represent the Parish at the recent Remembrance services at Our Lady’s and St Thomas Churches.
    The Parish Council has been approached by local resident Stephen Henders about having a form of permanent memorial to those of our Parish who served in the World Wars, you can read Stephen’s contribution in this edition of KIT.

    Community Shop
    Thank you to Maggie Lloyd for all her efforts in trying to establish a community shop in Haskayne. Unfortunately, there was insufficient interest or offers of help forthcoming.

    As usual I’ll be driving Santa’s sleigh around Haskayne again this year, look out for him on Saturday 16 December, more details in the Residents Association’s article in this edition, along with details of other events taking place.

    On behalf of myself and the Parish Council I’d like to wish you all are very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Thank you.

    Mike Wainwright

    Downholland Parish Council


    What sort of memories do you have from Christmas past?  For me, as a child, the excitement certainly started when the Christmas tree, with all its baubles, lights, and tinsel, was brought down from the attic.  That was usually around mid-December, and it marked the start of a time when everything was just that little bit different and normal routines were laid aside for a while.  My parents enjoyed some time off work and family members gathered at our house for Christmas dinner.  It was, of course, great to be off school as well!

    Maybe that was not a very holy view of Christmas, but it does make me think now of one very important aspect of the incarnation (God being born and living with us on earth).  When Jesus came into the world, he came to make a difference.  Whether he truly understood just what an impact he would make we can only guess at, but in the end, he changed things so much that the majority of the world now measures dates and seasons based on the time of his birth.

    With this in mind, it seems right that the way we mark Christmas should be special, allowing us to depart from our daily routine.  For some that means more partying, but even amongst the rowdiest of parties the name of Christ is uttered without shame or embarrassment (even if it is not obvious to all that he is what ‘Christ-mass’ is all about!).  For others it might mean a trip to the local church to join in with some carols at one of our services.  Even for those already committed, it means worshipping at different times and with the crib always in view, bringing home that message that “God so loved his world that he sent his only son to be born and die for each of us.”

    Christmas should be different, but we must go beyond simply marking it out as a special season.  If Jesus came to make a difference, it is up to us to make sure that we too make a difference in the world. And the world today, more than ever, needs to hear a different message that speaks of peace, mutual respect and hope not anger, division and hopelessness.

    May the peace of Christ dwell in you this Christmas time and be your inspiration in the coming year.

    Why not try and make space for Christ this Christmas?

    St Thomas, Church Lane, Lydiate, L31 4HL

    Sunday Dec 3rd                 4pm                       Christingle Service

    Monday Dec 4th               7pm                       Advent Quiet Service, the word made flesh.

    Monday Dec 11th             6.30pm                Scout & Guide Carol Service

    Sunday Dec 17th               7pm                       Light in the darkness, Carol Service for the bereaved

    Monday Dec 18th             7pm                       Advent Quiet Service, Jesus our salvation

    Sunday Dec 24th               11pm                    Midnight Christmas Eucharist

    Monday Dec 25th              9am                       Christmas Day BCP Communion

                                                    11am                     All Age Christmas Eucharist

    Thursday Dec 28th           7pm                       A service for Holy Innocents. We remember children and babies who have died

    All are welcome to any service in either Church.

    We would love to meet you and get to know you a little better.

    Susan Salt  07730 197656



    We are canvassing support for a place where the men who went to the World Wars from this parish can be honoured. It was decided, by the War Commission after World War I, that soldiers should be commemorated on the memorial of the nearest village or town to which they were linked. The Parish Council of Downholland was still relatively new when war broke out in 1914 consequently the church parishes were still used when it came to recording the fallen and burying their remains and Downholland did not have a church only a mission at Barton. We therefore have men who went to war from Barton, Haskayne and Downholland commemorated on the memorials in Halsall St Cuthbert, in St Thomas Lydiate and in Our Lady Catholic Church in Lydiate. In my research I have found the names of thirteen men from our parish who made the ultimate sacrifice, and they are listed below with their association to this parish.

    Arthur Green 1943. Husband of Eva Green of Haskayne buried in Birkdale cemetery.

    James Craven 1917. Son of William & Margaret of Barton Lane not on local monuments.

    George Charles 1917. Of Station Rd and Barton Station recorded on the Halsall monument.

    Ernest Sharrock 1942. Son of Hannah, licensee of the Kings Arms recorded on the Halsall monument.

    Peter Sharrock 1918. Son of Hannah, licensee of the Kings Arms recorded on the Halsall monument.

    Henry Rawlinson 1917. Married to Mrs J Rawlinson of Haskayne recorded on the Halsall & Lydiate monuments.

    Edward Townsend 1917. Of Hollinshead farm, Haskayne recorded on the Halsall monument & roll of honour.

    Robert Halsall 1918. Of Rosemary Lane recorded on the Halsall monument.

    J Halsall 1943. Of Downholland recorded on the Kohima gate Halsall field.

    J J Knowles 1917. Of Barton recorded on the Halsall monument.

    Richard Rimmer 8/8/1916. Grandson of Richard Mary of Barton. 1911 census worked on local farms. 11803 Thiepval KLR age 20 1st battalion. Son of Richard & Ann of Lowood Street Liverpool.

    Haskayne is now the civic centre of the Parish of Downholland, and we have a splendid Village Hall courtesy of the HDCA, and a flagpole erected recently by the Downholland Residents Association. The aim of the project is to identify those lads who gave their lives from our parish in some material form as a way of recognition and to inform the Commonwealth War Graves Commission of our intent upon verification of the detail.

    Additionally, there are soldiers who served and survived.


    Tom Ashcroft. promoted to Sergeant.

    Edmund Orritt wounded married a girl from Haskayne.

    Hugh Alty driver wounded.

    John Sharrock RAF 1918

    Henry Bond Ivy farm Barton

    William Bond, Ivy farm Barton

    If you could contribute to this project with detail of a member of your family from Downholland who served in the World Wars, please contact me.

    Stephen Henders 07908 688167 or the Downholland History Group.



    The last few months have been very busy at County Hall. Firstly, I failed to be re-elected at WLBC in the seat I have held for 33-year Aughton and Downholland. I understand why it because of what’s been happening at Parliament. However, residents tend to get confused over the different strands of Government. Local councillors have no input or decision making at Westminster.

    As far as LCC is concerned we continue to reduce the massive deficit we inherited whilst improving services in every department. The two largest departments are Children’s Services (including schools, children’s homes, looked after children, foster children and children with special needs) and Adult Services (including a very large number of homes for the elderly, visits to elderly people in their own homes and day centres). The cost of these services alone runs into millions of pounds.

    We continue to repair roads across the county but it’s extremely difficult in the very bad weather we have experienced. I understand that October was the wettest on record. You cannot fill at pothole in those conditions.

    As many of you will know I am the Chairman of Lancashire Fire and Rescue. This year saw youths attacking Fire Fighters with rockets and other types of fireworks plus throwing missiles at both fire crew and fire engines. A rise in parts of my Division in Anti-Social behaviour perpetrated by young people.

    While writing about the Fire Authority. We have had number of extremely dangerous fires recently at waste transfer sites as a result of people disposing of Vapes in their general waste. These things have Lithium batteries which can be extremely volatile and burst into flames thus igniting everything around them.

    A recent example was a waste site a Chorley which blazed for hours and requiring six fire engines and crews until late the next morning.

    The message is DON’T dispose Vapes in the general waste and better still don’t even use them at all.

    I still have some money to distribute for projects and organisations in my division, tell me if you need help.

    Two major requirements. Bank account and a Constitution.

    Best wishes to all.

    CC David O’Toole


    Have you ever been a member of the Armed Services? If would you like to talk to like-minded people or need any assistance in your day-to-day life, please contact me and have a chat.

    Paul 01695 423872


    Strong & FHIT invites you to its new ‘Wellness’ class designed specifically for individuals aged 55 and over. This specialised class takes place every Thursday at 11am and meets the unique needs and abilities of individuals in this age group. The focus will be on building strength, improving balance, and improving overall fitness levels. Come along and join the fun – we are located on Downholland Business Park next to the ‘Canalside Cafe’. Call Nicole on 07730582033 to find out more and book your place.


    Hello everyone.

    Christmas is just round the corner, and I hope you have an enjoyable time with your Christmas festivities. I hope you are all well and find the following information interesting.

    Family Fun Quiz

    Our thanks to Alan and Nikki Raven and their children for their hard work in putting on a fun evening and to Shirley for organising the raffle. The event raised £322.35 which has been divided between the Community Association and the Residents Association.

    Children’s Halloween Party

    This year’s children’s Halloween party seemed to be enjoyed by all those who came. The tickets were a sellout. Dozy Dave was a brilliant entertainer who kept the children’s attention. The quiet room with biscuit decorating and colouring was busy all afternoon. 

    Christmas Events 2023
    Carol Singing around the Christmas Tree will take place on Friday 22nd December, 6.30 pm at Haskayne Village Hall followed by a hot drink and mince pies in the hall.

    Father Christmas will visit Barton on Friday 15 December and Haskayne on Saturday 16 December. Look out for him and his elves calling door to door with his Christmas Lights and music, handing out presents to the children. Any money collected will be used to benefit the local community. You can follow Father Christmas’ progress round the village by looking on Haskayne Downholland and Barton community Facebook page.

    Picnic in the Park
    Following the great success of the Coronation Picnic in the Park this year we have been asked by many people to make this an annual summer event. So, we have decided to have a Family Picnic in the Park, just look out for the date in a future KIT or on our Facebook page. For those who have not been before there will be races for the children, games, quizzes, treasure hunt, tombola. Bring your own picnic. Refreshments and cakes available in the hall.

    Calling all young people in Downholland
    We would like to put on something for young people in Downholland. We would like to hear from any 12 -18-year-olds for suggestions as to what we might be able to organise with them. You can let us know your ideas by text or what’s app (07563552236 Kathy Cunliffe) or by phone, email, Facebook or message to (01704 841066,, Facebook Page: Haskayne & Downholland Residents Association)

    Defibrillator training
    Two sessions were held at Haskayne Village Hall in September each attended by 12-14 people. Steve Bousefield gave an excellent session on what to do in an emergency and why. We are grateful to him for freely giving up his time. We intend to put on something similar on an annual basis and hope that as many people as possible can attend.

    Emergency Aid – Bleed Packs

    Haskayne has two defibrillators available to the community. One is outside the Village Hall. To access this dial 999 and the ambulance service will give you the code. The other is in the former phone kiosk in Sumner Avenue, which is accessible without any code. There is a third one inside Haskayne School, available when the school is open.

    As a result of the training Haskayne Residents Association has purchased two bleed packs, for use in the case of an accident where someone is bleeding profusely. These will be placed in the defibrillator cabinets alongside the defibrillators. If you need to use one of these packs or a defibrillator always ring 999 so the ambulance service can talk you through what to do while the ambulance is on its way.

    We have also purchased 20 face masks to minimise risk of infection when giving CPR. If anyone who has had some training in CPR and feels confident to do it would like one of these to keep in their wallet please contact Kathy ( 01704 841066.

    Dates for your Diary

    Sat 2 March 2024 – Music and dance: Andy Eastwood, singer/musician and disco.

    Sat 28 September 2024 – Madukes

    Picnic in The Park – date to be confirmed – probably early June 2024

    Children’s Party – date to be decided.

    Roy Cunliffe 01704 841066

    Facebook Page: Haskayne & Downholland Residents Association

    Haskayne Local History Group

    The local history group will continue to meet on the first Monday of each month at 7.30 pm at Haskayne Village Hall (except for bank holidays).

    Everyone is welcome to attend meetings. We just ask for a £1 donation to cover the cost of the hall if you can.      

    The programme for next year will be published shortly. If you have any suggestions for the programme for next year, please let Kathy know. We would be very interested to hear from anyone who would like to find out about or has any knowledge of the history of the village and bring this to the group or just come along to a meeting or comment on our Facebook page (Haskayne Local History).

    Also, we are hoping to put on an exhibition of information we have found out sometime next year.

    For more information contact Kathy ( or 07563 552236)

    Kathy Cunliffe



    Our Village Hall is really busy at the moment with lots of events and activities going on.  We have a really good team, who all work together to help with the smooth running of the hall and the various activities.  We are very grateful for any help we can get, and it has been great to work alongside the Haskayne Residents Association.  If anyone else would like to get involved with anything that’s going on at the hall, please get in touch – any help at all is always appreciated!

    Warm Space / Coffee Mornings
    As we are heading into the winter months, our Warm Space is open to all to come along and enjoy some hot food and refreshments.  We have free wi-fi and a book and jigsaw library.  We also have the odd game of badminton!  None of us are very good, but we have a laugh trying!  Stand up bingo is also played for a small prize.  We open from 11am until 1pm and we love to see everyone coming along and catching up with their neighbours and friends.

    Pilates takes place every Tuesday 9.30-10.30am. The cost is £6. Just bring a mat. The benefits include increased core strength, improved posture, reduced back pain, increased energy, reduced stress, and improved flexibility and mobility. Please contact Andrea, who is a qualified instructor, on 075400 53002 for further information.

    Dogs Trust
    The Dogs Trust Dog School team hold classes at Haskayne Village Hall on Saturday mornings.  The classes cover foundation training skills such as settle, recall, loose lead walking and four paws on the floor, to name a few.  Puppy classes are up to 18 weeks, adolescent classes from 18 weeks to 18 months and adult classes over 18 months. If you are interested, then please visit the website to fill in an enquiry form.

    Our next bingo is our Christmas one on Wednesday 6th December and there will be lots of Christmassy prizes to be won.  We don’t charge an entrance fee and it is £5 for a book of 10 games.  We also have a raffle and a Winner Takes All which has a cash prize.  We will be serving free drinks and mince pies, but you can bring your own if you like.   All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the hall.

    Craft Fayre
    Southport, Crafts, Arts and Preloved items are holding their Christmas Fayre on Sunday the 10th of December from 11am until 3pm when Spiderman is also making an appearance!  For further details or to book a table, please contact Cath email or check out their Facebook page.

    Wednesday Club
    The Wednesday Club takes place usually on the last Wednesday of the month, but this can be subject to change, 1.30pm to 3.30pm.  It costs just £2 with optional bingo £1 and raffle 50p a strip. We start the session with five games of Bingo followed by tea, coffee, homemade cakes, and a raffle.  Members can also play dominoes or just sit and have a chat and a catch up. Di and Myra look forward to seeing everyone, young and old and offer a very warm welcome to any newcomers.

    Cottage Garden Society and Plant Sale
    The Cottage Garden Society will be meet regularly at the hall, normally on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Everyone welcome to come along.  It is just £3 for non-members.  Regular speakers attend at the meetings and there will be plants for sale.  You can ask questions and get advice and tips on growing, then sit and chat over a tea or coffee with homemade cakes.  Check us out on our website for more information.

    Community Foodbank
    If anyone wants to donate to our local Foodbanks, please bring any donations to the Village Hall on Monday morning, from 10.30am, or if attending any activities at the hall any other time. There is a box in the main hall to leave any items. Alternatively, please get in touch with Sharon on 07714330430 and we can collect. Thank you!

    59er’s Club
    The HDCA hold a 59er’s club every month to help with fundraising for the Village Hall.  It costs just £5 a month and the 1st Prize is £100, 2nd Prize £15 and 3rd Prize £10.  There are a few spare numbers and if you would like to join, or for further details, please ring Wendy 07802183100.

    Children’s Parties
    The Hall is also available for Children’s Parties.  A two-hour party with an hour set up time and half an hour clear away time, costs just £60 with full use of all our facilities.  We allow bouncy castles inside the hall as long as they are provided by Boomerang Bouncy Castle Hire.  Contact Dianne to check availability or to make a booking.  Tel: 01704 840175 or 07811775973, or email

    Hall Hire
    The Village Hall is available for private hire.  It is well equipped with excellent facilities and in a lovely setting.  We also have two smaller meeting rooms that can be hired.  The Children’s Party Packages are just £60 which includes full use of the facilities and set up and tidy up time.  We allow bouncy castles at the hall (not many do) as long as it is booked through Boomerang Bouncy Castles and Soft Play.  The hall does get a lot of party bookings so don’t leave it too late to get in touch to book your date.  

    For further information or to book the hall, contact us on 01704 840175 or email

    Follow our Facebook and Instagram “Haskayne Village Hall” for all up to date information.

    For those who are not on social media, get in touch via email and we’ll put you on our email list for any upcoming events.

    Village Hall Activities

    MondaysWarm Space / Coffee Morning Local History Group
    (1st Monday of the Month)
    11am – 1pm 7.30pm  

    Parish Council Meeting (3rd Tues of month)  


    WednesdaysWednesday Club (Last Wednesday of the month but can be subject to change)   The Cottage Garden Society (Last Wednesday of the month September to April)    1.30-3.30pm     7.30pm

    ThursdaysAvailable for Hire 
    Fridays  Available for Hire 
    Saturdays  Dogs Trust Dog Training Classes Afternoon Available for Hire    Morning  
    SundaysAvailable for Hire 


    KIT is an independent publication funded by Downholland Parish Council.
    Any views expressed do not necessarily reflect Parish Council Policy.
    Contributions welcome.

  • Community Shop Approval (7/22/2023)

    At their July 2023 meeting, Downholland Parish Council approved “a proposal that, in principle,the Pavilion be used as a community shop”.

    The Pavilion is the building on School Lane, Haskayne in front of the the Village Hall.

    The Community Village Shop project is being run by local residents, if you’d like to know more or get involved there’s a sign up session on 23rd July 2023 from 9am to 11am- in the Pavilion on School Lane.

    More details can be found via the Groups Facebook event

  • Kit Spring 2023 (6/22/2023)
  • KIT Autumn 2022 (11/12/2022)
  • Downholland & Lydiate Roll of Honour (11/11/2022)

    First World War

    George Allin
    Ewan Blackledge
    John Bond
    Herman Bradley
    Bruno Bradley
    James Cheetham
    Thomas Cox
    Patrick B Cox
    John Culshaw
    John Draper
    Harry Fawcett
    Herbert Finch
    William Hampson
    William Hodge
    William Henry Hunt
    George Lowe
    George Ernest Norris
    Thomas Pye
    James Pye
    Henry Rawlinson
    William Rothwell
    Peter Sharrock
    Edward Townsend
    James White

    Second World War

    James Boyde
    Norman Cookson
    Alfred Draper
    Maximillian Draper
    Arthur Green
    John Halsall
    Eric Moultrie
    James Mullany
    Harold Quinn
    John Underwood
    Robert Worthington
    Thomas Gerard Coonan
    John Hesketh
    Richard Pope

  • Website Accessibility (12/16/2019)

    Downholland Parish Council is committed to providing equal access to its services and resources. To aid this commitment we have recently added several features to our website to ensure it’s is easily accessible to everyone.

    By clicking the blue and white icon in the top left of any page you can access a number of features to help you.

    • Increase the text size
    • Enable navigation without a mouse
    • Hear the site read to you
    • Enable high contrast colours
    • Increase the text spacing
    • Change the font to make it clearer
    • Use a large cursor
    • View tooltips to help you find features


    Would you like to work with others to promote the quality of life in Downholland and Haskayne?

    Would you like to help Downholland and Haskayne remain a good place to live?

    Do you have skills you could use to support our village?

    Do you think you could represent the views of local people?

    If you have answered YES to any of these questions then why not apply to join Downholland Parish Council

    Please contact the clerk via the details on the contact page to find out more

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